Saturday, December 8, 2012

Sales Price Ranges of New Homes: Interactive Charts

I am going to put the sales price range of new homes into colorful perspective, without any rigorous mathematical analysis.  What better way to do that than to create charts the viewer can interact with?  Be sure to read the caption for instructions.
Number of new homes sold by price range (LHS) and median sales price of new homes (RHS). Take a sheet of paper (or square coaster), hold it vertically against the chart, and run it from left to right across the timeline. By eye-balling the half-way point (median) between 0 and the peak, you will be able to (somewhat) gage the change in median sales price over the past 10 years.  Compare the price range to the median sales price line.
Distribution of price ranges by percent of total number of sales. Take your sheet of paper (or square coaster) and hold it at the 50% mark - be sure to cover the top portion of data; next hold the sheet at the 75% mark covering the bottom portion. Do this for all different percentages, covering both top and bottom portion; run it up and down the various percentages. Because the price ranges are stacked from lowest price to highest (lowest at the bottom) you can (somewhat) gage the change in composition of the various percentiles over the past 10 years. It is not perfect, but it is fun for the whole family!

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