Wednesday, August 14, 2013

The Revised GDP

I think the revised GDP makes the Great Recession actually looks much worse than before.
The revised (nominal) GDP.

Monday, August 12, 2013

Federal Government Consumption Expenditures: Trending Down

Federal government consumption is down while state and local remains flat.
State and local consumption (red) and federal government consumption (blue).
A roughly $70 billion drop from 3Q 2012 to 2Q 2013.

An Aging Labor Force

The number of workers 55 and over now out numbers the 25-34 year old crowd and it outnumbers the 35-44 year old crowd.  Of course, if you combine those two age groups, there are far more workers than the 55 and over.
Labor force participation rate (green; right).  Employment levels (left) - 55 and over (black), 45-54 (blue), 35-44 (purple), and 25-34 (gray).
Just before the participation rate peaked, the number of 55 and over workers began to accelerate.