Wednesday, December 12, 2012

All-Transactions House Price Index: Part II

I couldn't get a clear picture of the housing situation in regards to the most recent presidential election with just the index charts.  I need something that quantifies things a bit better.  So, I took the data to the spread sheet, and thought of at least one clever thing to do with it. 
In the following graphic, I arranged the states by the date of their peak transaction index - based on the quarterly average transaction index.  Quarters with multiple peak are arranged by states from largest to smallest index (left to right).  I highlighted the recession.  The second to last row gives the current to peak index ratio; the last row gives the number of years since that states' respective peak (if it has peaked at all).
Clearly, most states submitting electoral votes for the Democrat candidate had their index peak before the recession while the opposite is true for those submitting electoral votes for the Republican candidate.  There two obvious outliers.

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