Saturday, December 22, 2012

How to Make Money In Real Estate

Make as much money in real estate as you want.  All you have to do is want it, see yourself doing it, and go out and do it.  No money, no cash, no credit, no experience?  No problem.  Spend more time enjoying life with your family and loved ones, go on those vacations you always wanted to go on, and most of all, retire early on your terms.
That, at least, is how many of these get rich off real estate read from the title, reviews and back cover.  I frequent the local used book store, which you will see is Half Price Books, and see these books in the economics section every time.  I usually mosey my eyes past, ignoring their presence, but this time, unlike others, I could not resist.
For $6 you too can make millions in 3 years with no cash- less time
(and debt) than it takes graduate from college.

Make money where others fail.
This is what you need: a scheme to become  a millionaire that works
so well that it is automatic. Automatic.  Heavily discounted at $4,
you won't find it again at this bargain basement price.
You couldn't strike paydirt so easily.  This guy just gives
away his secret: flip the house and grow rich.  Money? 
You don't need money (see below).
Don't worry about money.
Admittedly, I've always been curious about these books, and I will, I promise, get around to reading one or two of these books.  Of all the books, Flip and Grow Rich had the cheapest feel to it - a poor page lay out, numerical and alphabetical chapters, and coloringbook-quality paper.  I'll hold out for a better book.


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