Monday, July 15, 2013

Debt (Credit Market Instrument Libability) Update

The total debt (credit instrument liability) of the US (public and private) now stands at $56.999 trillion.
Total debt of the United States.
I always liked this graph.
Non-financial debt as percent of total (blue); financial debt as percent of total (red).  They do not add to 1 (100%).
Here is what is missing from the above chart.
Non-financial and non-non-financial (?) debt as percent of total.
Similar to the second graph, but just the year-over-year (YOY) change in the two percentages.
YOY change in non-financial (blue) and financial (red) debt each as percent of total.

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  1. Here's what's missing from the second chart:

    "Rest of the World; Credit Market Instruments; Liability (DODFFSWCMI)"

    Nice work noticing the discrepancy.


    It's like an in-joke, the title of your post. I like it.